Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Choices, choices

Kate went to make selections from the Design Center, and had to endure me asking pointed questions about the cabinets while she was trying to choose colors, etc. I was not satisfied with the basic choice of Woodcraft cabinets and asked her to either choose an optional upgrade (more wood and better construction) to them or choose another Quality Cabinets line that had better basic construction and more design choices.

She held in there and was also able to select exterior colors and formica style and color. What's this? Formica? We both agree that we find stone countertops cold feeling, and were perfectly happy with our formica in our previous house.

The nice thing is we save some money choosing that also, which is applied to other upgrades. The last choice was to go with the builder's choice in appliances - whatever Sears carries - or get GE appliances using our "friends and family" discount.