Saturday, April 16, 2011

Got mud? Got tracks!

Had a great time in the back of the neighborhood Saturday - joined a class in animal tracks taught by Hub Knott of the Living Earth School. He was appreciative of the great tracking places we have here.

So inspired, I have been going out more often and here are some things I have seen:

This one was actually found by Kate as we went for an evening walk. It's a first for us:

We guessed turtle, and are pretty sure after we consulted our tracking resources. I can reallypicture a turtle's feet in these tracks, especially the back ones as they claw in semi-sideways.

Out back is a place where the dirt from excavations is put - this has many smooth sections that make for perfect tracks, especially after a rain. Here's what I saw there recently:

This was great because it so clearly shows the distinctive "chevron" found in Red Fox tracks. Hair is also clearly visible.

And nearby:

Sure looks like opossum to me - because of the way the thumb points almost behind.

Kate and I hope top start an informal tracking walk once or twice a month because it's always fun with other people.

Sesame Street

The other day the weather was nice and children and their parents were on the playground, on the sidewalks, and in the alleys, laughing, chatting and generally having fun.

I felt a familiar feeling and searched for what it was and realized that this neighborhood, on these days, reminds me of Sesame Street. And for me, that's a good feeling.