Thursday, September 4, 2008


With the advent of September, it seems that a whole new crew of workers floods Belvedere every morning. Oh My God. It is amazing. And while I did write that the construction noise is irritating, ( or can be!), the presence of the new crew is energizing. Like Bret said, it means that work is being done and we are closer to completing the vision of Belvedere each day.

The Connexion people have been putting in the fiber optic system over the last few weeks. They camp out, in the rain, and in the sun. There is a box on the corner near our house and I have been watching them. One of them stopped us the day it rained to comment on the mud. And now the blaizng heat. What troopers.

The sidewarlk ends are filled in and the alley is going to be complete soon. Yay!

So, while living in a constuction zone is low-level stressful, it is also inspiring and exciting.