Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Latest Photos

We stopped by the site yesterday evening and I was able to walk inside the first floor and finally see the results of our design process. (I might add here that it is extremely useful to live or rent fairly close to where a new house is being built. In our case we deliberately chose a rental close to the Belvedere site and in the same school district - although school districts can and do shift from time to time).

We can see the full-width front porch and the nice overall symmetry of the Millmont design.

Here's the interior (stitched together from 2 shots, so the sun on the floor and some other angles are a bit odd). I'm standing pretty much at the far corner of the kitchen. In front of me will be the counter; to the right is the office and the six windows in the midde background pretty much form the southwest corner of the house. The light is delightful, the openness is delightful, and (whew) the relative sizes of the spaces look fine. We can't wait to be able to go upstairs.

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