Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Progress Update

Exterior is just about done. We've gotten nice comments on Kate's color choices. The man in the white shirt is Rick, the construction manager. He's a great guy and just exudes competence and good humor. Even though we caused him to redo some work under the tight deadline (our fault totally) he has been right on top of things and we're grateful to have him in charge.

Wood floors are in, trim is next.

Our neighbors' houses are going up. Right next door is still unsold but the others are taken.

Across the street work has started on one of the houses with basements. It is starting to feel cozy and neighborhood-like now.

And everywhere work is going on - sidewalks poured, trees planted, etc.

The Ednam is move-in ready. It is stunning inside.

The initial vision of a neighborhood with front porches and sidewalks is becoming reality.

On a nearby street Hauser Homes has started construciton on the townhomes.


Chris said...


We've put a contract on 769 Belvedere Boulevard, although it is contingent on the sale of our current home about two miles away. We feel very strongly that the Belvedere neighborhood will be, truly, THE development that will change the way Albemarle approaches development over the next decades. I have a master's degree in planning, and I'm continually amazed at the fact that so much of what the developer and builders are doing is *right* from a planning, environmental and new urbanist perspective. Hopefully we'll get a contract on our current home, and we'll be neighbors. Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Chris! Welcome to the neighborhood! I can't agree more with your comments. See you soon!


Chris said...

Guys, We're under contract on our current home, and closing on our Belvedere home is scheduled for the end of August. Can't wait! Great meeting you the other evening.

Chris, JP (and Tradd)

KateRCST said...