Friday, February 6, 2009

Belvedere News

It is not an easy winter in Belvedere. The wind whips across the empty fields. Bret and I scheme about the lots across the street saying we are going to plant wildflowers over there this early spring. I think we are going to try to do that. Sometimes I think, I am going to plant a labyrinth, but that is too ambitious.

There is still activity here for sales of houses. Lots of interest, even in the downturn. The Dunlora trail is awesome, the Belvedere trail is almost complete down to the floodplain where the Organic Garden is going in this spring. That is still happening. There will be some changes to the Village Green. Hauser Homes is about to close on a house on the boulevard and so we will have new neighbors soon! There is a greenway slated for next to the river.

Our symposium on Free Range Neighborhoods has been postponed until the fall. There just weren't enough registrants. I have connected with the neighborhood closest to us over in Dunlora and am happy to discover lots of children. I can't wait until spring when we can go down and hang out with them.

Two beautiful red foxes have denned near our house on Tyree Lane. Our neighbors have seen them, too. They told me they watched them hunt and play from their balcony.

Connexion has put in the fiberoptic. I give that company a thumbs up for the field agents and a big thumbs down for communication with us and the neighbors. The neighbors also say they can't get the local stations. So Connexion, if you're reading this, you can improve your communications (which is interesting, since your business is communications).

We are planning some activities for the spring. I can't wait to work on my garden.

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