Saturday, March 14, 2009

Answers and Requests

Hello Good People!

How nice to have so many questions about Belvedere. Here are few answers:

  • Bob's answer to the question What Do I Really Want? was that he wanted to work on Belvedere. He wants to complete his vision to the best of his ability. At least that is what I understood. He explained he was selling some of his 65 LLCs and merging others, and creating Stonehaus Residential that will build energy efficient high quality homes. That is what I understood and I could be wrong.
  • The Village Green is slated to be altered. We are still in discussion about how things will unroll on the green, with movies and music and events, but the ampitheatre needs to be lower or not at all in accordance with the plans submitted to the county. We are all waiting for more landscaping, and I saw Bob and his crew out there planning last week. Stay tuned.
And here is a request from me:

  • If you want to be included in meetings and updates, then send me your email address. Identify yourself, don't just post under Anonymous. My email is Or, if you want to be bold, become a member of the Belvedere Neighborhood Group on Facebook.


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