Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting to know the land

For those following the saga of our selection for a home, you need know, Bret is the one passionate about the house. I am all about the land and the vision of Belvedere. He sends me in to make choices for him about the house, the one that he designed with Churchill Homes (who have been awesome, by the way.) We chose the Millmont design but Bret really changed things around. You can see the selections of house designs at Churchill's website, We are pleased to be the first contract in Belvedere, first homeowner, and I am first business owner. Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts ( ~ my old website is there, more information coming soon!) will likely run out of my garage apartment until the office units are built. I am planting my feet and am becoming the Welcoming Committee, along with other pioneers in the neighborhood.

I am just itching to spend hours on the land getting to know the other species in the community at Belvedere. My son, William, and I are planning to spend Wednesday afternoons Wildlife Mapping (, and want to encourage people interested in learning the art of track and sign to join us starting in April. I was very nicely served the most gorgeous maps from the GIS division of community development in Albemarle County (see Elise!). I can't wait to start really spending time out there. Our first visit yielded evidence of raccoon, deer, red fox, and wild turkey. The most beautiful red fox prints are left in the red clay roads.

Stonehaus has very much impressed me with their commitment to reaching all their goals. I think it is a most unusual development firm, one that is forward thinking and a pioneer in urban development. I had reservations about getting involved with this project, and I have tested this company in a few ways (you can ask them!). But I am convinced of their integrity and am joining them to make their dream (and mine) come true.

Please stay tuned for notes on the land and community development.


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