Monday, March 31, 2008

The House Is Up!

Thanks to the hard work of a team of people our house is framed in. It certainly is interesting to see the plans we worked so hard over on paper made manifest by wood, stone and sweat. The office Bret designed is small and intimate, and the windows in the family room are magnificent. The two walls of windows afford light and view. I stood in what will be our kitchen, with the small island Bret put there and looked through the windows, imagining making meals there, with the small gas stove for fire and heat in the corner to the right. I stood in the eating nook and tried to get a sense of what it would be like to sit there. I can't wait until I can walk upstairs and stand in bedrooms.

I am also pleased with our end lot. It seems like we will have ample yard for the garden I have planned, to the east and south of the house.

I can't wait to be moved in. Thank you Church Hill. We will have some more photos up soon.

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