Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Photos

The foundation is in place, and we can really see how the house is going to sit on the site. We feel very happy with our location; the house is set to one side of the lot and gives a bit of a side yard, although sidewalk and landscaping will take up some of that space. It is somewhat deceiving to look at the raw foundation - it seems so...small. But having gone inside the model Millmont after the walls were raised we know that things suddenly feel much larger.

Once the foundation is in things happen rather quickly. The three model homes are going up fast, and give use a good sense of the scale of the neighborhood. As I tell others, I a truly looking forward to the day I can tell my children to run over to a neighbor's house to play without having to arrange transport, pick-up times, etc.

In the foreground is the smallest floor plan, the center home is the Millmont model, which our house is based on, and the furthest is the largest of the model homes (I don't know the exact design).

I find the designs elegant and the overall feel is one of harmony and appropriate scale. Coming from Vermont, and our 11 acres, it seems funny for me to be pleased with such a smaller space, but what I came to conclude was land makes sense if it is used, or shared. I am actually looking forward to having a small yard, and the ability to really shape that space.

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