Thursday, May 1, 2008

Charlottesville Tomorrow

As a soon-to-be Belvedere resident I am trying to keep up with county developments that will affect the project. I am interested in news about: the Meadowcreek Parkway (bike paths, PLEASE!), the SOCA soccer facililty at Belvedere, recycling, water supply, and so on.

I can't imagine a better place to have a permanent link to (or subscription to the RSS feed) than the Charlottesville Tommorow News site and main blog. Current articles cover all the above topics:

Meadowcreek Parkway interchange issues and utility relocation.

SOCA field approvals and recommendations from the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission.

County-city collaboration on recycling

Well, you get the idea. The sheer amount of time and effort that is put into this site is phenomenal, and it is a great opportunity to inform yourself as things are being discussed. It is information you really don't usually get until some project or decision is completed and then it makes the news.


Sean Tubbs said...

Thanks for the post, though I just realized it's a post from May 2008. Still, we're still very much in business, and I was hoping to get in touch with you regarding a project we're building out on the site. "cvillepedia" is our encyclopedia on local government and community, and we're just getting started. I thought you or someone you might now would be interested in filling out the info on Belvedere?

Here is the entry.

Anonymous said...

We just walked away from a terrible experience with Stonehaus builders in Belvedere. Their tactics and manner of doing business makes even the dirtiest car salesman look professional. We got no direct answers, and they attempted to manipulate and cheat us during contract negotiations. I'm going to advise that if you are looking at Belvedere, stay away from Stonehaus builders!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post. Stonehaus builders are a bunch of crooks. Stay away from them if you want a good home. Cheap in = cheap out.

Anonymous said...

For those who had bad experiences with StoneHaus, can you say more? We are seriously considering building a house in Belvedere, but reading these and other comments online makes me anxious about moving forward. Any reviews, positive or negative, would be much appreciated.