Friday, May 30, 2008

Now It's Our Turn

Like in most construction, there are times when you just need to redo something. Bret's design of the office on the first floor with the diagonal island in the kitchen just didn't work. We had to scratch it after the sheet rock went up. We now have a completely open area and a rectangular kitchen island with three stools to sit at it. Bret has a work nook.

I had to redo the small garage to be a bit bigger to accommodate my work, a good temporary space until I can rent an office from Stonehaus in the Core or the Town Center. It was a little expensive and it was our fault for not really translating what was on paper to a real functioning space. I want to encourage people to go and visit the Belvedere houses, ours included and stand in the spaces and feel what they are like. We are often there after hours and love to chat with people who have questions. There will be a June 14th barbeque for those who want to come out. It should be fun! We will be there in the afternoon.

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