Monday, May 5, 2008

Landscaping and Tall Grasses

I was coming out of Belvedere the other day when there was some moderate gusty wind. The grasses are getting long on the berms next to the road and I stopped for a few minutes and enjoyed the visual play of the movement that was created. I recall one of our first meetings with Stonehaus when they described the landscaping they intended to do in the public areas like the entrance. They talked about having longer grasses and native species rather than the typical sod/short-cropped grass.

We were told this would not only require less watering and mowing, but an important aspect was also the visual play and movement that would be created as the wind rustled the grasses...

It works, beautifully. Like watching the facets of EarthCraft certified construction as the house is being built it is one thing to hear talk about sustainable and beautiful landscaping, and another thing to see it in action.

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