Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shift Happens

Sunday's Daily Progress published an article about how development needs to shift toward mixed use neighborhoods: Author: Huge shift in development needs to happen

"Communities in the Charlottesville region and elsewhere, (Reid Ewing) said, ought to have housing, schools, workplaces, shops and recreational opportunities all within walking or bicycling distance. Smart planning, he said, can cut the amount that residents drive by up to 40 percent." This is exactly what Belvedere is about, adding nature and wellness into the package. Right on!

Okay. In the field of craniosacral theray, we have a saying: "shift happens." Only in most cases, the shift needs a fulcrum to allow the change. Fulcrum: "
a: the support about which a lever turns b: one that supplies capability for action" from Webster's Dictionary. Belvedere design and concept provided by the team at Stonehaus development is the fulcrum in this case, and successful projects like Belvedere will provide fulcrum for the field of real estate development to shift.

I have many friends who live at the grass roots in straw bale homes and/or other sustainibility concepts. They don't necessarily see Belvedere as sustainable because of the price of the homes. But I say, we have to start somewhere. This mix use neighborhood is the beginning of a new and necessary way of living, according to Reid Ewing. Things will shift even more in our lifetime. And when people complain, I say, I have faith in the human world to apply their adaptability and creativity to overcome, and invite others to consider what is possible instead of criticizing and complaining.

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