Friday, May 30, 2008

In Every Great Story

Frank Stoner, this entry is for you.

In every great story, there are trials and tribulations. There are hardships, and in the best stories, there is transformation. Personally, I like humor, too. Laughter makes everything better. But, there are always trials, and FEAR. The heros and heroines overcome obstacles and do impossible things.

In The Jumping Mouse, there is a place where Jumping Mouse must cross the plain, and this is the hardest place for the little mouse because he is most vulnerable. Even with the cover of the buffalo who said he would protect him, it was hard for that little mouse to be out from under cover, open to attack from birds of prey. In that situation, you had little warning that something was about to strike, so there is a state of vigilance and readiness that is garnered, for protection sake. It takes a lot of energy to be vigilant.

In the Belvedere story, there are some great elements. One of them surely is transformation, taking a concept and making it real, committing to something "sustainable" and "wholistic" is certainly different than many "developments." There are some untold parts of the story that I know that tell me there was a before and after moment at the beginning of the story, one of transformation. Then there is excitement with the vision and the beginning of the journey to the mountain (or in this case, this mixed use neighborhood), and then there are the trials and tribulations. We are on the plain now, and perhaps we are all feeling a little vigilant, a little vulnerable.

I don't presume to know how real estate developers think. I am sure it is not so idealistic as the story of the Jumping Mouse. But consider life action as metaphor for something greater. Perhaps no eye will be sacrificed, Frank Stoner, but certainly, something was and something is. And those in the middle of the great story often can't see its greatness.

This is still a great story (even though I am accused of being too positive and also, affected by Urban Philosophy). This is real and represents change.

Keep going, Jumping Mouse.

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